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Thanks for the update I do have Go Fishing Here Come The Sun shirt . about your career progression and decision to FIRE. You list a few reasons for why you wanted to get out of retail pharmacy work (addiction issues in your community, incivility, etc) but you also spent your entire career at one employer in one location. Did you ever consider switching employers, moving to a different location, or cutting to part-time? Most retail is the same. Close enough that it would have been worse to relearn flow, software, etc. Hospitals became impossible to get into without residency by the time I was ready to jump.

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Go Fishing Here Come The Sun  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Go Fishing Here Come The Sun  Hoodie
Go Fishing Here Come The Sun  Sweatshirt
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Several interviews, even with connections, and no bites Go Fishing Here Come The Sun shirt . One interview with a competitor and an immediate offer. FIL is a retired pharmacist, Tried to go from retail (Rite Aid) into a hospital. Could never break-in since he didn’t have recent clinical (residency I guess) experience. In retail, he could have moved around to plenty but the pay started to equalize near the end and wasn’t worth the new learning, worthless regional managers, unattainable bonuses, etc. I always assumed it was a low-stress path, but he always had pressure/stress. One idea could be therapy. You sound healthy and lucid, I am not thinking otherwise, BUT a good therapist can help you organize your thoughts and challenge you in such a way that it becomes impossible to stay stuck in a rut. So if you ever start to feel that way, consider giving it a try. You undoubtedly have some contacts and resources for finding a good fit. Piggy backing on here, the improvement in the quality of life you will achieve in a different state that more closely matches your life outlook and values should not be overlooked. By the same token, you have no need to even limit yourself to a state. Sell everything and go live in Asia for a year or South America or Morocco, there are no limits. Then when you are ready to come back to the US, buy a cheap van and drive the states and find (a blue) one you like. Honestly, how is everyone not salty about the things he is complaining about? I read his post and just found myself agreeing with the sentiment at almost every point. Though I do agree with the other post that arguing with people on Facebook is not a particularly effective way to use his time to make an impact. Not to answer for Jason, but don’t be looking for FIRE to be the end all and be all of your life and be the source of your happiness. FIRE can definitely contribute to your happiness, but it shouldn’t be the only source.
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