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Some DCU fans spotted a pretty glaring mistake in the recently release Shazam! Fury of the Gods. David F. Sandberg’s latest super-powered epic has not fared well since its release in early March. The film has seen dismal returns at the box office and is currently sitting at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes First Hour I Think You Should Leave shirt Sandberg recently said this stumbling out of the gates is “not like [it’s] a surprise.” Much of the complaints have come having to do with mismanaged marketing (including the early reveal of a cameo from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman), inconsistent performances, and a loss of the charm that made the first Shazam! so successful. However, it seems a major continuity error may also need to be added to the list of Shazam 2-related grievances.

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While this small continuity error is something that ultimately does not hurt Shazam 2, it does feel like this movie cannot catch a break. Mistakes like this happen all the time. And when working within these interconnected cinematic universes, the risk of these sorts of errors increases ten-fold First Hour I Think You Should Leave shirt It just seems bizarre that this was the image the Fury of the Gods team chose to use in the film. Sometimes small continuity issues can happen when referring to characters or events that do not actually properly appear in a project. It is not as if Gal Gadot was not on set for the project though! There very easily could have been the opportunity for someone to grab another snapshot of the actress to put on this newspaper. And now with this one mistake identified, the hunt will be on, with fans combing over every frame of the film looking to see if there is anything else to lambast.


  1. Lia Lyford

    Awesome shirt, it’s more orangey and less yellow than the photo, which is actually better than pictured

  2. Meredith Williamson

    Great, nice one, very fit

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