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The ending of Fallout’s first season left fans wondering if Season 2 will move to an iconic location seen in Bethesda’s popular video game Fallout: New Vegas. Rather than an adaptation of any single one of Bethesda’s Fallout games, the 2024 series is an original story set within the same world Fathers Day Kobe Bryant And Gianna Bryant Girl Dad Shirt. Taking place in Los Angeles in the year 2296, Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation is the latest story in the Fallout timeline so far. Fallout’s eighth episode saw Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) flee Los Angeles in the power armor after he was exposed as the one who dropped the bombs on Shady Sands. In the final moments of the show, Hank’s next destination was seemingly revealed to be one very recognizable location from Fallout lore: New Vegas.

Fathers Day Kobe Bryant And Gianna Bryant Girl Dad Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Ladies Tee

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Crewneck Sweatshir

With speculation rife about where Fallout Season 2 could go, one of the series’ showrunners, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, has added some fuel to the fire. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter prior to Fallout’s official Season 2 renewal, Robertson-Dworet said the Season 1 finale serves as a “little flick towards what we’re going to do” next season: “We don’t want to do too many spoilers, but we are ideating right now on a potential Season 2. Fans should look forward to the finale as a little flick towards what we’re going to do with a potential second season.”
When pressed on whether this means the series will explore New Vegas, the showrunner responded, “that would be a big spoiler,” before declining to comment more Fathers Day Kobe Bryant And Gianna Bryant Girl Dad Shirt. Jonathan Nolan was quizzed similarly by The Wrap and said there is “one locale in particular” that he would love to explore from the Fallout games. “[There is] one locale in particular that is closed to my heart that I’d be excited to explore if we got a chance to.” While Nolan did not elect to reveal this location, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most popular games in the franchise, so it seems plausible that Nolan, as a fan of the games, could be hinting at this. Fallout’s credits also provide a hint for the next season. Each of the episode’s end-credits sequences has set a precedent of showing snippets of locations the series then explores in subsequent episodes. The end credits of Episode 8 highlight many locations from Fallout: New Vegas, providing a further hint that this is where Season 2 is heading.


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