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Fundamentally different show than faith in the future shirt . we had in the 90s and early 00s. The underlying criticism of consumerism, jingoism, personality cult, corruption and really just all societal critique gave place to the very things it used to criticize. The newer episodes would fit right into an episode of pre ~2005 Lisa fighting against the establishment peddling crap to the masses. And the character writing has gotten so lazy. Homer might be the worst example. From caring lovable family father who struggles to make ends meet and raise children in working-class American conditions to the carless egomaniacal clown who somehow has an abundance of cash for his slapstick comedy, basically.

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I tried to catch up with the newer episodes in faith in the future shirt . but honestly abandoned that after like 10 or so episodes. Same name, completely different show. Watch the Simpson family in the early episodes and they are relatable with real human traits. Now, Homer is a caricature and Bart is a maniac. There is also a dependence on celebrities to carry the show, supporting characters rarely get any attention and some of the better ones have simply died with their voice actors. Now the plots are like the Brady Bunch. The Bradys go to Hawaii, the Bradys go to the Grand Canyon, the Bradys get cousin Oliver. The Brady Bunch comparison is probably the best I have heard about the Simpsons. On cousin Oliver, The Simpsons parodied this with Roy in Itchy, Scratchy & Poochie. Now I can see it happening, considering the number of side characters who have moved in with the family (minus Apu because that was fucking hilarious). A small yet defining example is Homer and Marge’s cars. Their rectangular shapes indicate that they are at their newest from the late 80s. Also, they were considered old even when the show began. Having a car like this was common in the 90s of course, especially among the working class, but now? No. Even worse, minor characters seem to have Priuses and other modern vehicles, indicating that the world around them has moved forward.
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    Bella e ottima qualità

  2. Meredith Williamson

    toll passt gute ware

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