My two year old knew enough that I needed to prepare her for visits with Eintracht Frankfurt FC Logo shirt . I wasn;t going to lie for him but I also wasn’t going to speak ill of him in front of the children. I was furious. What good would it do to tell my children how selfish and destructive he was being? The serial girlfriends would confide in me about how little time he spent with them anyway. One was mad I was using her as a babysitter. One told of the routine Saturday and Sunday hangovers. I don;t think my children know about this from my point of view to this day. You can do things like borrow against the cash value for a loan. Quiche was either loved or hated. Well, I certainly found out about the, I’m not out to compete when I make a meal for friends or family. I’m just trying to make something that they’ll enjoy. When it turns into a competition, I back away and don’t participate in the chatter/natter. It’s one thing to say that they had not enjoyed the meal, but to go on and on about it, really unnecessary. Anyway, that’s maybe me being too sensitive, another problem of mine that this guest repeatedly commented on. Enough said! This situation is now filed in my not important file in my head.