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When asked Eat sleep hockey repeat shirt . which Marvel ensembles she would like She-Hulk to be part of in the future, Maslany confessed that the prospect is “so scary to me,” while also acknowledging the MCU’s impressive roster of talent: “Yeah, no… I mean, no, not at all. Like, that’s so scary to me. But also like, yeah, there’s so many actors in this universe that I’ve always wanted to work with. And if we get to be superhero goofs together, that would be amazing.” As for whether Jennifer Walters could be a leader in a group or ensemble within the MCU, the She-Hulk actress has her doubts, saying, “I think she would really be terrible at it:” “I was just thinking that. I think she would really be terrible at it. Like, there’s a part of her that could definitely put people in their place, but she’s also self-deprecating in a way that’s like, I don’t see her being like, ‘LET’S GO!’ You know what I mean? She’s like… There’s some stuff later on in the season where we see her honing her superhero-ness. And she sort of does it in a way that’s a bit clownish and I kind of love that about her.”

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Crewneck Sweatshirt

While it’s unlikely that audiences will see Jennifer Walters defending the Scarlet Witch any time soon, Maslany isn’t alone in acknowledging that Wanda’s been through a lot. In fact, whether Wanda was to blame was a conversation that fans entertained throughout WandaVision on Disney+. And, while her violent actions in Doctor Strange 2 lent credence to the belief that she is a villain, there’s still room for debate.
Perhaps Wanda’s best defense is what she told Doctor Strange herself in saying, “You break the rules and become a hero. I do it and I become the enemy Eat sleep hockey repeat shirt . That doesn’t seem fair.” As for the villains that She-Hulk will be representing in Attorney at Law, a new TV spot confirmed that audiences will see a few comic-book baddies the MCU hasn’t seen before, including El Aguila, Man-Bull, Saracen, and Porcupine. However, this roster is likely only the tip of the iceberg as She-Hulk is sure to have a few surprises in store.


  1. Chris Koenke

    My husband loved these shirts so much, we ended up ordering a half dozen! Great product as you would expect

  2. Meredith Williamson

    nice t shirt

  3. Michael Bertwell

    Perfect if you have a husband like mine who is willing to dress up but not go all out. My son wanted to be an astronaut so I went as an alien and found this little number so my husband could be mission control.

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