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Product Description

After years of waiting, the first trailer for the DCU’s Blue Beetle is here, albeit earlier than Warner Bros. may have hoped.With a change in direction on the way for the DCU (thanks to James Gunn and Peter Safran), Blue Beetle is set to be the last origin story of this current era of the super-powered franchise eat happy not healthy fast food shirt The film has been described as “super entertaining” out of test screenings, as the story of Jaime Reyes and the alien Scarab suit comes to the big screen for the first time. While audiences have gotten teases of the movie by way of leaks, there has been a significant lack of officially released footage thus far. However, all that changed when it was announced a full trailer for the movie was on the way.

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Unisex Tee
Unisex Tee

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Ladies Tee

Crewneck Sweatshirt
Crewneck Sweatshirt

For fans who have been waiting for Blue Beetle to make the jump to live-action this is exciting. Finally, a full trailer is here, showing off the iconic hero in all his big-screen glory. If the trailer is any indication of the final quality of the film, then DC devotees should prepare themselves for something special eat happy not healthy fast food shirt While Warner Bros. would have probably liked to have not had the trailer leak early to ensure the film gets its moment in the sun, it is a little disappointing to know that impact will be lessened. But it is not as if this trailer features any major spoilers or gives too much of the plot away (like some other recent DC films). It is more of a tone piece, giving audiences a taste of Blue Beetle without giving away too much. So yes, it is a bummer the trailer leaked early, but it is ultimately not the biggest of deals.


  1. mary Berry

    Nice tee. Fabric looks good

  2. Houston Gray

    Fits well, retains it’s shape once washed. Fabric is not too thick, it’s great for either hot summer or cool summer days that have lots of wind. Vusually it’s a fun tee shirt, my husband just loves all the creatures on it. He wanted to wear it immediately.

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