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They aren’t even Eagle and Horse American flag shirt . contests. They’re predictions of popularity. Pretty much music executives decide which up and comers seem the most likely to pull wide audiences in the coming year and give them awards to boost their publicity. I only saw the part when Bieber came on stage, and when he mentioned ‘haters’ I laughed out loud. I have nothing against him or his music, I don’t care if others like it, but goddamn he’s an annoying little bitch, isn’t he? I’m with you- why don’t people understand that these shows are about RATINGS- they aren’t going to waste money on a huge award show on a major network to shine a spotlight on brands that sell 10k records.

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So how does this Eagle and Horse American flag shirt . OP’s question? No one here said they cared either way who wins, nor have they argued that that winning or losing makes music “good or bad.” OP asked a simple question. You didn’t provide any sort of helpful or relevant answer at all, so calm down, dude. It seems like you’re the one getting worked up. Well, we did have shit music at the time. But the big difference was that it wasn’t accessible because we didn’t have the internet and mp3s and all that. You had folks that, in a way, that filtered out shit for us (and probably a lot of good stuff, too) and put it on the radio. Over the decades, the stuff that was crap has just gone away. If I try to look at this stuff nostalgia. I would say there may have been less crap to be pissed off about, maybe. A lot of folks back then really did write their own stuff, play it, and sing it without the help of autotune. And there was a high barrier to entry to be in the business. Now you can record a song about Thanksgiving in your backyard and get it played on the radio. Part of me thinks that’s bullshit; part of me thinks that’s great.
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