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I think the dragon I freaking hate diabetes shirt . reason. Why is it is extremely insincere? There are weird racial undertones in some scenes, their adult and low brow gags a la Shrek, and there is some straight-up product placement. In general, the tone is somewhere between self-aware meta and un-self-aware insincerity. That’s probably extremely contrary to what Seuss’s wife wants, while The Grinch was at least trying for sincerity. The chuck jones cartoon? you’d better pump the brakes dude that film is a national treasure. that’s like going over to Sweden at Christmas time and saying Donald duck sucks

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The odd thing dragon I freaking hate diabetes shirt . holiday movies. Especially I would say from the 80s and 90s when they were likely taped from broadcast, is that the would-be traditional for your family. You’d watch the same ones every year. Maybe add a new one when something big came out but that wouldn’t stop you from demanding to see whichever weird Santa Claus movie. Life and Adventures of Santa Claus anyone?) that was your family’s tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the weird one in this. I watched it EVERY Halloween as a kid, and only recently when I brought it up for some reason, I found out apparently most people I know never even heard of it. It was really surprising. Do you think the animators? Who made this particular scene knew that adults tripping on hallucinogens were probably going to watch this and so made it pretty trippy? Or they innocently made it 100% for kids not realizing that it’s trippy as fuck even for adults? Holy shit I remember this. Before internet searches were what they are now I tried to find information about it. I asked people if they remembered it. They thought I was crazy. I started to doubt if I’d actually seen it or if it was just a childhood nightmare. I had this on tape. Everyone talks about the tape that they watched so much they wore it out, this one was mine. It always scared me as a kid, even then I loved it. I’m glad to see others at least saw and remember it!
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2 reviews for dragon I freaking hate diabetes shirt

  1. Michelle Savage

    this shirt is so so cute!!! I <3 it

  2. Chris Koenke

    Overly great fabric and print.

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