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Yes!!! Disney Mickey Mouse Maleficent Halloween T-Shirt . Watching the trees clear out so that I can finally properly build on my 2 extractor camp! I was sort of hoping we could still remove objects as we do on workshops, but the bulldozing mechanic has made my camp life heaps better! I haven’t tried yet, but I’m assuming placing crops down will also null out the shrubbery? That would be the bonus. Let me guess: kinda southeastern part of the toxic valley? On the map, there’s a horseshoe-shaped part of water, where each deposit is on one side?

Disney Mickey Mouse Maleficent Halloween T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Disney Mickey Mouse Maleficent Halloween T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s

That’s where my friend was set up Disney Mickey Mouse Maleficent Halloween T-Shirt . The crops seemed to remove the same things other build items did; though I didn’t test on shrubbery they did get rid of snap tails if I went over them. And you lucky bugger finding a spot that could rope two heaps. I’ve been scouting potential new sites and besides the middle of a rail bridge over a lake (which wouldn’t allow any extractors, or crops, or purifiers due to height) I haven’t found much better than the junk spots along the Ohio River. I’m up there too, I’ve been living on a 1×1 foundation tower for a while, thinking I might have to rebuild now. I just wish that there was a water source there too for larger purifiers. I’m contemplating finding a lead node close to water and giving up the junk node. Depends on what you need the water for I suppose. Some groundwater and a pump do the trick for me to cover crafting and hydration. Don’t forget the value of temp swapping into lead belly for free hydration!I’m glad they fixed losing your CAMP when logging unto a server when the spot is already taken… because that is exactly the spot I’ve built my camp at. Yours definitely looks better though. Thanks; all three of the junk spots along Ohio there seem to be popular. Regular eviction just seemed like the cost we had to pay for clean air, clean water, and a huge pile of trash to rummage through. Very nice build.I can’t wait for at least the can’t have your camp replaced junk till I start working on my main home..been slowly hoarding adhesive and working on gathering plans..and now I have soooo many extras..wish we could sale or trade them with vendors. The new “space is occupied” mechanic seems to be working really well. I had to drop a game for a few minutes.

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