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I grew up Cupids Favorite Florist Valentines Day shirt . listening to this great artist and loved all his Motown songs! He has sung about love and peace but it was a shame the way he died! He was just getting started we’ll never know how big and how far he could have gone! Just think,46 years later, nearly a half century has passed, the struggle is real..The question is still the same, as we struggle for an answer, Up until one year and a half ago, we thought we had gained some common ground…It seems an abyss must have opened up with an evil spirit with many, many followers spewing bigotry hatred and racism all over this country, one question, WHAT’S GOING ON??, peace!!!! Herman Harris, you just spoke the revelation that has been spinning in my soul. I do better than we can live in peace and harmony and that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to orchestra a world of peace, equality, liberty, and justice for all. Marvin Gaye’s song is so timely and relevant for the current disdain and upheaval circumventing America because of the leadership of this country. Racism is ugly cancer that is curable. Love has to conquer hate.

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Since Donald Trump took office there Cupids Favorite Florist Valentines Day shirt . have been so many racially motivated attacks. He is the evil source. Still today I wonder how did that happen? That he became president? And he’s done so much warranting impeachment and still, he is there. No doubt he is the devil indeed. I can Actually say, there was not one song, that I did not like, out of all the ones I heard, and I believe I heard majority, that was released, the man just could sing, he was the coolest to me, to sing, I still wear those toboggan hats they were cool as he was if u never heard him sing the National Anthem do so just Outstanding make your hair stand up, or give u chills great, so many great songs, and great dancing love, making, ballots him and Stevie Wonder, are my favorite male singers, then Smokey, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, just thought I would throw that out there. Love anything Marvin Gaye sang. This song gets to your soul. I am glad I grew up in this generation. Brings back lots of memories.

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