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Well Conor Mcgregor Walkout shirt . It isn’t the 5-6 vs 5-6 team  for bowl eligibility we all wanted but oh well. NC State has absolutely no business winning this game, therefore, {NC State} because this is how this game works. Just feel free to remind him that including Clemson’s two wins the two divisions are 6-6 heading into today. (Not including Wake’s non-conference win over us).

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This year the script is somewhat flipped, as NCST is without a proven QB and no longer has Drinkwitz, and has a host of injuries Conor Mcgregor Walkout shirt . I think NCST’s front 7 is actually very good, but the advantage for UNC comes from NCST’s poor offense. If {UNC} can post 21 I say they win. The Bunting era should have scared any Wolfpack fan from betting on it. The Davis era should have scared any Tar Heel from betting on it. The best team rarely wins. Our defensive depth issues hit a new low. This game turns into a slugfest where Sam Howell throws for 5 TDs against State’s crap secondary, but State also runs for 250 yards against our. We lose the game when the defense can’t get just one stop in the 4th, but we cap the season on a high note with a Trenton Simpson commitment in three weeks. They don’t like us; they just need us to reach bowl eligibility so their SOS doesn’t look like crap. They’re rooting for a prayer of a chance at NY6, not us.

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