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Happy to report it has gone very well Cats Happy Purride shirt . T-shirt design near me. The main thing the treatment is for is to prevent relapse.  Fantastic. Do you know if the stem cells repair the damage already done to the body by MS? Thank you, Hasham. I have macular degeneration and hope to have stem cell treatment.  You need the embryonic cells from umbilical cords. Not going to happen! We, as a people, should demand that our government do something!  Put a cap on how much profit these drug companies are allowed to collect on different drugs. Maybe a 10% cap on drugs that are prescribed for life threatening ailments and diseases. Make it a higher percentage say 50% profit cap on all other medication.

Cats Happy Purride shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Cats Happy Purride  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Cats Happy Purride  Hoodie
Cats Happy Purride  Sweatshirt
Cats Happy Purride  Unisex
Debra DeSantis your comment is blatant, completely and verifiably false Cats Happy Purride shirt . Why do you feel the need to spread false information that could dissuade someone from seeking a life-changing treatment? Does it make you feel better or something?  Not bad for a treatment that you’re telling people doesn’t work. Andrea Goodacre It was paid for by the NHS, I & my mum had to pay to get to London & back for appointments pre-hospital stay. My family doc doesn’t know anything about this treatment.she doesn’t have many m.s. patients so hasn’t looked into cures and my neurologist tells me to stop complaining go home and think happy thoughts .how are you supposed to think happy thoughts when this disease is stealing my life away from me . hope someday these treatments were accessible to everyone, not just people with A LOT of money. If you have Humana run for the hills! Awful!! I am a retired PT professional, I know the tricks Humana uses. Monica Anderson, I’ve been denied physical therapy from the beginning. I can’t put my foot flat on the ground anymore.    Your attitude is part of the problem. Many people can’t afford this treatment but organise lots of small fundraising events and achieve what seems to be impossible at the beginning, there is lots of info available online. Where there is a will there is a way . Stay strong.  I had this or HSCT just over 3 yrs ago in Russia. From Australia. I went from a wheelchair and walking stick to nothing. Almost no disability and my MS has not changed in 3 yrs!! It’s hard and recovery is hard but worth it
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