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I mean, in their defense they CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender shirt . You’re telling me you couldn’t get a group of actors together and make them up like that? The Walking Dead does that all the time. I completely agree with that sentiment, however, movies like End Game where the entire outfits of the main characters are just arbitrarily CGI because they hadn’t designed them yet, and somehow do not look weird or fake AT ALL, is the only good counter-argument.

CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender  Hoodie
CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender  Sweatshirt
CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender  Unisex
No, the movie doesn’t exist without compositing CapIron Portugal Portuguese Defender shirt . All the compositing in the. You can’t make a movie like that “practically“. Uh, you can. Have you heard of this thing called film stock? They literally did that shit in Chaplain movies and Buster Keaton stuff all the time. I’m pretty sure those guys’ production teams invented compositing. Using CGI for everything is valid though, once the director and producers put in the actual work to get it done right (e.g. Far From Home). This is one of the things that I thought Rise of Skywalker did really well. A great blend of practical and CGI. But it’s often stressed by the CGI guys that good seamless CGI requires a lot of practical groundwork. Because the more reference points they have to light, coloring and physics the more they can cross the uncanny valley. And then If all you think about is how logistically and from a capital expenditure standpoint the emperor can seem to procure a fucking armada and unlimited FTE’s to staff the ships and sit in an amphitheater completely undetected, it’s a hard film to sit through.
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