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Product Description

Daisy and Buffalo Braves Logo shirt . didn’t last long at all but. I stuck with Palu for a pretty long time. During all of that I played ZSS on the side and thought she was cool as hell but I found her hard to play (hadn’t played. Smash in like a decade before Ultimate launched) so I didn’t main her. As I got better at the game, ZSS started to really gel with me and I wasn’t all too satisfied with playing Palu so I made the switch. Super glad I did cause ZSS is sooooo much fun. Roy – I wanted to try a faster character, one that could move fast and hit hard, I never cared for the fire emblem characters but Roy always stuck out as the coolest looking one of the bunch. I picked him up and I loved him, I never thought Marth or Lucina hit hard enough and they felt floaty, Roy was the nice balance of speed. Weight, and power that I liked, he easily became my most competitive fighter with how freaking aggressive I can be with him. Ridley.

Buffalo Braves Logo shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Classic Women’s
Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Long Sleeved T-shirt
Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Long Sleeved
Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Buffalo Braves Logo shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Classic Men's
Classic Men’s
Dropped them after several Buffalo Braves Logo shirt . since though. They are my fave character and were my most wanted I found they were just too. Stressful/tiring for me to play for long periods of time and I ended up spending most of my playtime being frustrated later on, unfortunately. Now basically in a weird co-main situation between Samus and Ganon though they’re likely to become secondaries like how k.rool is now as I’m most likely going to the main hero when he comes out. (provided they don’t screw him up. Then I went to try Duck after not touching him forever and oh my… I was having so much fun I’ve been playing Duck exclusively and had a few GSP jumps. 100k to 2m (this was the first one, happened in about 1 night so I was freaking out lol).
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