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It’s eerie Boots T-Shirt B09XP1FDRH . It’s such a short window, yet we’ll probably never know the truth. I know. It makes it hard for me to balance my parenting from giving them some breathing room/independence to omg hover anything can happen at any second. There’s a 15-minute window where nobody saw anything. If one of the party was molesting Madeline, it could have gone on longer. If she was drugged and accidentally smothered. The listening at the door instead of going in vastly stretches out of the timeline of the last time someone actually saw Madeline with their own eyes. I also tend to believe the dog scent evidence. The smell is very unique and can’t be faked. My guess is because they have something to hide, which would be massively incriminating that could result. Now, a random criminal taking a child they have developed an obsession with? That seems to make more sense. Or that perhaps she wandered off. That could be the overdose, murder, accidental death. In them losing their jobs or going to prison.

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I grew up at the beach, and lots of fishermen had storage units with freezers for storing bait, etc Boots T-Shirt B09XP1FDRH  I think I read in another thread about this case from a while ago a comment from a dog handler who noted that the dog appeared to have been not handled properly. E.g. letting the dog go over the same spot multiple times when they got to the parent’s car. These dogs have an incredible sense of smell but if they’re not handled properly there are quite high chances of falls positives. So I don’t know about the dog scent evidence. Why would a pedophile ring go to the risk and expense of kidnapping to order and for them not to then try?. Or maybe there was a real unplanned abduction, but the McCanns panicked because they didn’t want to be charged with negligent abandonment. And over time, the evidence will have less clarity – ie: DNA evidence naturally breaking down over time and people can’t remember as clearly
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3 reviews for Boots T-Shirt B09XP1FDRH

  1. Ed Janzen

    Great shirt. Holds up well to many washes. Did not shrink! Worth the purchase for sure!

  2. Trevor Masters

    Shirt fit great. Great material. Looks good

  3. Kathy Reuille

    maglietta nera che fa sognare, il marito l’ha apprezzata, la taglia e’ giusta

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