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I mean Bob ross for president shirt . it’s not sexist to say a man is genetically more powerful than a woman. So if Fallon has reduced her testosterone level in trying to become a woman then I’d say game on. Also, I’m both proud and afraid of the fact that as of right now this is the only comment that’s both, It doesn’t come down purely to current testosterone levels, though, Fallon fully developed as a man and likely still retains advantages, particularly the density of her bones. One thing I haven’t seen any of the surgeons’ endocrinologists mention is if there exists a mechanical advantage from having wider shoulders, or bigger hands and feet, or different ratios for the lengths of body parts. So a woman can never become muscular no matter how many hours she puts into it?

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Now, look at the two Bob ross for president shirt . If he came in looking like a completely different person, a total roid monkey like Cyborg does, to the point where his mere appearance screamed contempt for the very rules he was ducking, then yes, he would, indeed command quite a bit more scorn than he does now and your comparison would make more sense. If you don’t understand the difference, then I’ll not be responding since the further discussion on this topic is pointless. That mitigates the negative impact of his Cheating to many fans. I think you hinted at the real underlying issue: sexism. This is why folks here either insultingly refer to Cyborg as a man (how dare she tries to build her body like a male athlete would) or worst (‘creature’, in your case). She doesn’t pass the femininity test.

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2 reviews for Bob ross for president shirt

  1. Houston Gray

    Overly great from the size to how lightweight and extremely comfortablw to wear.

  2. Trevor Masters

    tamanho identico. Qualidade média

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