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he “save the boobies” campaigns that Biden made me do it shirt . I have seen all seem to be centered around breast cancer prevention techniques and educating women on how to detect breast cancer early. The idea being that if you detect the cancer early something like a mastectomy won’t be necessary, and thus the boobies are saved. If it encourages people to be aware of the warning signs of breast cancer and keep an eye out, is that not a good thing? I’m sensitive to this argument but prevention is a big theme in most awareness campaigns I’ve seen. This is, of course, anecdotal (so is yours, to be fair) but prevention is usually the big part of (and implicit in) awareness I was talking about. The focal point is about protecting your breasts even if that’s ultimately going to lead to breast cancer prevention. If the ‘save the boobies’ campaign has helped people get treatment or survive that otherwise would not have, how can you justify your arguement?

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For Christs sake OP, these are peoples lives we are talking about Biden made me do it shirt . How can you justify potentially denying someone, and their loved ones, life, just to make someone feel better? What the hell is our society coming to? T-shirt design near me. I think you’re just looking at the whole thing wrong. It’s just lightheartedly saying “save the boobies’, it’s not saying “save the boobies, and if you don’t, fuck you”. They’re just creatively raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and unless you’ve been told it’s offensive by the survivors you know, then I think you’re alone on this one. Meaning, you’re trying to protect a group of people who are offended that don’t exist. I think this is deliberately mischaracterizing how I framed the issue. I never implied it was nearly so aggressive or that people who partake in this activism are confrontational or bad.

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2 reviews for Biden made me do it shirt

  1. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    Very good product

  2. bill willman

    Shirt fit perfect and I get so many compliments when I wear this shirt!

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