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I really enjoyed following the Bass camp sueme shirt . season. It was pretty fucking disappointing seeing the steam tank at the end though. I still had hoped after that four-game sweep of Houston but then I believe they lost two out of three to Oakland the next series. The Dodgers series at home was pretty sad too, I think they blew a critical game late. Maybe the next decade they’ll be a playoff team? We blew one late-game lead I think in the Dodgers series but we got the amazing balk-off win too

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Enjoy him Bass camp sueme shirt . His curve is a thing of beauty. If y’all wanna rest him. we’re in town, though, he needs a break every so often during the season. I had read roast and not toast, so I’m going through this post wondering WTF you’re talking about. Why can’t I shit on the M’s?! A highlight of 2018 for me was Mitch Haniger hitting a walk-off on my birthday. I was at the game (and pretty drunk) and will remember that for the rest of my life. I was at that game. When they were announcing the players and showing them on the big screen Span flexed and looked fucking RIPPED and the whole place blew up. It was awesome. I was so innocent back then That 4 game sweep of the Astros was nice! Also, the upside-down trident is one of my favorite logos, I wish you guys would bring it back. The Mariners might be tearing it down, but a lot of they’re getting back is ready to play this year or next year. Well, regardless of what has happened it has been a great season for the baseball fans of the Pacific Northwest. Here’s a toast to the men of the Seattle Mariners and to a great 2019 for the boys who will for the people of Seattle do their best to remain #TruetotheBlue. You guys beat up on us quite a bit. If we’d been a bit better against you guys, maybe we could have gotten home field during the WC. I’m going to be pretty god damn sad about losing Seager when we inevitably trade him. I really pinned a lot of hope on him in those dark years, and he provides like half of the .gif-able moments for this team every year.
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3 reviews for Bass camp sueme shirt

  1. Houston Gray

    good product !!

  2. bill willman

    I liked the shirt, it is not that true to size but it works.
  3. Meredith Williamson

    Nice shirt good quality

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