Eventually either one of two things happens to the Baseball St Patricks Day shirt . It will have been saved by an income earner, in which case it will count as part of total savings, or some income earner will still possess it since they have not yet had time to spend it yet. In either case, all of that money, that was first put into spending as investment spending will still exist. It will exist as owned by either the savers, or the people who didn’t have time spend it yet. In either case since the money is held by some who has not spent if again yet, it is considered as income not spent, meaning it is income saved. It took another 6 weeks for me to get up the courage to ask out GP for a referal. When, after 7 months of testing, they told me she had high functioning autism, I was not surprised at all. I was slightly more surprised to be told more recently that they would recommend testing for ADHD, but not flabbergasted. My youngest took longer still, I was still convinced she was just a late bloomer until she was 6. She simply wasn’t developing in the same ways as her peers, her speech was still delayed, she often wouldn’t speak, her behaviour was completely uncontrollable, she still wasn’t dry and she was very clumsy and unco-ordinated.