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This was such a funny show Bad Bunny Flower Conejo Malo shirt . What happened? Linda was pregnant for 3 seasons. Troy just doesn’t jive with others and she gets on my nerves. What man doesn’t answer the phone when he gets call after call from his family. It’s obviously an emergency. Storylines are dragging out. It seems there are different writers now then there were the first few seasons. I’m watching this last season only because I’ve watched from the beginning. Hattie and Floyd are the funniest and should be in every episode. Okay, I’m done venting. Tonight’s episode just pissed me off beyond repair. Danny knows his mother’s pregnant but will allow his “wife” to tell him not to answer the phone… so not logical Tyler! Again I say THANK YOU TYLER, but I totally understand why this ridiculous show has been canceled. Linda unrealistically babying a 30-something y/o man and despising his wife!? Drew and Sam – crazier and crazier! In what world are all of the men childish and so unMANly??? Sooo tired of crazy mama Linda.

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wow, most of these comments are hilarious and goes to show just how much any of you folks truly don’t understand how the entertainment business works; each “season” of shows takes 6-12 months to “shoot”; then goes on hiatus (for the following reasons): so the actors/actresses can create the second season (if it’s picked up by the network); T-shirt design near me Bad Bunny Flower Conejo Malo shirt . so cast members can go do other projects, and so new shows can be piloted…nevertheless, with all these complaints, the only message I received is: folks won’t enjoy anything on tv (or in the media in general) unless it shows folks acting ratchet and ghetto, but yet these same folks complain about “stereotypes”… hilarious…this is my opinion and I have a first amendment right to give it; as well as, stick to it. That’s what I said too. Tyler is dragging this feud on way too long and the fact that Danny wouldn’t answer any of the calls is unrealistic. Any normal person, if they were getting calls back to back like that, would think something serious must have happened. I’m disappointed in this show this season.
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  1. Christian James

    Well done NC !

  2. Ed Janzen

    Excellent print and comfortable shirt. Fits perfect.

  3. Meredith Williamson

    Perfect fit. Good quality. Great price

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