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To be honest, this season the talk of the Back Again Warriors Customize Shirt . move has died down, mainly due to his excellent performances at RB, but also our midfield has been great this season, and we have plenty of depth there already. Like you said he’s a fantastic asset to have in that position. I’d rather him be a top-10 fullback than yet another midfielder. He may well already be talked about as the best RB in the world – not guaranteed yet, but he’s in the conversation at 20 years old. 1 or 2 more years and I don’t think anyone would doubt his credentials to be in that discussion. Hard to give him number 1 yet, but his performances this season have been sublime.

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Liverpool’s weakest spell was when he wasn’t in the team Back Again Warriors Customize Shirt . He’s genuinely crucial for this side. Unbelievable how he’s developed. Joel Matip was outstanding over both legs. Presume it was intentional from Barcelona but it seemed like he had a lot more to deal with than. Wasn’t a problem though, he dealt with everything thrown at him incredibly well, so many big tackles on Messi. Lovren’s lost his place to Matip but fuck that, he’s belting it out. Mignolet was blocked from leaving in the summer but fuck that, he’s made up. Klopp and Albie Moreno hugging, even though Klopp used Joe Gomez as a fullback substitute and Moreno didn’t even make the bench. He’s been told to defend much more aggressively and higher up than he was and it’s worked really well. Think he’s a much better defender than he was covering. I liked what Mourinho said after the game. It wasn’t about tactics and especially not after the early in the second half. Just absolute madness and the never say die attitude of Liverpool players which they build over the last few months was noticeable again. You’ve just conceded two goals. The fans are absolutely deafening. There’s another redshirt. You turn again, but this time it’s into a tackle. You lose the ball. The crowd goes wild. Your face goes red. You run back, you lunge, you fail to get the ball. Another defender does it for you, but where do they pass? They clear into the stands, the crowd goes even wilder, and you have no clue how you can calm them down, how you can remove the wind from their sails because whatever you try, nothing seems to work. Your teammates are equally struggling.
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  1. Anthony Reid

    it was good

  2. Lia Lyford

    I liked the shirt, it is not that true to size but it works.
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