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Cyrus and Scott’s friendship anti biden harris giggles political shirt . While Cyrus has always been unafraid to wear Scott’s wackiest, most eye-popping looks—whether from his own label, or his collections as creative director of Moschino—their most memorable collaboration came Additionally,I will love this form of a series of artworks and jewelry pieces she produced for the designer’s spring 2015 collection. The riotously colorful pieces were collaged together, mostly from hundreds of knick-knacks her fans had thrown on stage, that Cyrus had collected over the years—and it was this DIY spirit they channeled while getting crafty over IGTV yesterday. Hoodie, long-sleeved tee, female tee, men’s tee, 3-hole tee, V-neck tee. (You can catch their meeting of minds here, beginning around the 35:05 mark.) Sporting a sweatshirt and earrings from Moschino’s recent Budweiser collaboration (Cyrus notes that the latter were a Christmas gift from Scott), the singer brought out jars of jewels and studs she’d collected from around her home that she was planning to use to bedazzle and embellish a favorite pair of denim jeans.

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 Scott, meanwhile, opted to take a vintage Donald Duck T-shirt and cut out the graphic to sew onto an old pair of Adidas sweatpants; for those without access to a thread and needle, he made the point that safety pins will work perfectly and can even give the piece a fun, punk-inspired twist anti biden harris giggles political shirt . In fact I love this norm, I’d typically be hesitant to make such a sweeping generalization. Yet I say with full conviction on behalf of the Black community—we are exhausted.For centuries, Black people around the world have been raped, both metaphorically and literally, of our freedom, rights, and resources. We have been enslaved, again both metaphorically and literally, in systems that were constructed solely to keep us oppressed, suppressed, and repressed. And yet, despite the countless protests, activists, and wars that fought for equality before us, it took the virality of an 8-minute-46-second video to finally catalyze a global awakening for those seemingly.
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