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I’ve read that Anthrax – Judge Death Mosh T-Shirt B09X8NNMGR . were not the first US couple to have NG in their care and that she was living in the United States, not Ukraine, when they came to adopt her. Did you happen to find any information on the guardians who had NG right before the Barnett’s? I want to say I’ve read she was in Florida before Indiana. I’ve read that Mrs. Barnett claims NG didn’t speak the language of the region she was supposedly from in Ukraine and that this was proven when a friend who spoke it tried having a conversation in that tongue with the girl but could not.

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Therefore Anthrax – Judge Death Mosh T-Shirt B09X8NNMGR . she was from that area originally considering at that point she had supposedly spent all of the formative years and half of her life there. What are your thoughts on this? I’m guessing officially paperwork on the girl from Ukraine was incomplete or sketchy, to begin with, but wouldn’t there have been ways to trace her past more concisely? Also, wouldn’t a regular DNA test (even though 23 and Me or other commercial testing outlets) have easily shown her background? Adding on to this…how are the adoptive parents able to retain any kind of legal guardianship of someone they claim to be an adult in their 20’s? I wonder if letting her be adopted by her foster family would require them to sign documents that state her true age and would, therefore, incriminate themselves? By the time the Barretts adopted, she had already had another failed adoption by another American family. She had already been in the U.S. for some period of time; I have not seen any info on how much time. [Edit: I read in a post elsewhere that the first family adopted her in 2008) And children pick up second languages very quickly. They will also forget first languages if they have no one with which to speak them. Yeah, the suggestion she was not Ukrainian because she didn’t understand another Ukrainian person after being adopted by an American family for two years is so fucking asinine. Maybe she grew up speaking Russian or only hearing a particular dialect or Ukrainian accent and couldn’t decipher a different accent. It’s a big fucking country. Asinine is the right word. Anyone who knows anything about early childhood language acquisition and development would know this is not remotely unusual.
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  1. Kathy Reuille

    Love the design, it is comfortable to wear and would warm your body up in chill days and night

  2. Marianne Smart

    Shirt fit great. Great material. Looks good

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