That’s no way to treat a sick customer on their first Andrew Tate I Don’T Pay Taxes Taxes Pay Me Shirt . I can totally understand it from the perspective of the restaurant when customers come in, have 4 bowls there, and can’t finish almost a whole bowl and expect to take it home for free, abusing the “all you can eat” menu. Clearly, that wasn’t what I was doing. I had a friend who was in that situation. He was separated from his wife, with whom he shared a daughter. She was already in HS and all so she was fine with it. It was such a strange arrangement. It was contentious at times and others, she would call him over to “service” her when the itch was felt, and he would go spend the night with her and leave. I was feeling a bit under the weather, run down, and just recovering from getting back from a business trip. When I get to feeling like that, I tend to have odd cravings, and, I found myself wanting lunch at a Mongolian BBQ style establishment. To be clear, I went there specifically because I was craving it, not because I was hungry enough to eat 2nds or 3rds on my meal. Never the less, this place has a “wasteful food charge” if you take more than you can eat, and your plate is not clean at the end of it. He finishes his meal, I’ve long-since finished mine, and we ask for the bill. The server comes over and tells me there’s a $5 charge for wasting food, I told him it was my first bowl and I was sick, but he wasn’t having any of it.