He did a literal facepalm when I told him what she had said to me and Alabama Crimson Tide 2021 SEC Softball Tournament Champions shirt . Uncalled for. His pediatrician wrote a new referral. I had to travel 30 miles, but I preferred that over seeing her again. My son’s regular pediatrician would be justified to ask me about future plans because he treats the patient and family as a whole, but he’d damn well better ask without my son present. The gastroenterologist had one job that day. It was to prescribe an antacid and to decide if he had any other underlying medical conditions that might be affecting his tooth enamel. What she asked me was completely out of the scope of her practice. There are real consequences. Took an adjunct lecturing offer and was out with much smiles and thank yous. No point doing an overt bridge burning. They even looked genuinely happy that I had found something that interested me. His dentist had requested I do so because he had enamel wear from acid reflux. The doctor left us waiting quite a while in the exam room. He wasn’t melting down or doing anything wrong, but he was anxious and wanted to go home as would be expected. When the doctor finally came in, she was more concerned with his disability than with his acid reflux.