September rolled around, and things went from bad to Al Pacino The Man The Myth The Legend Thank You For The Memories Signature T-Shirt . The new teacher for my eldest decided that she was trouble on the first day after she took two instructions very literally and it looked like she was being awkward on purpose parents were invited to sit in for the first session. She started crying, faking illnesses to avoid going to school, said she was lonely, and her behaviour became unmanageable at home. The holiday club she had started attending said she was isolating herself, sitting under a table and refusing to join in games. She refused to eat most days. I still didn’t think autism, but I was getting very concerned about how she was managing. I’ll give him this chance. the restaurant was only a 5 minute walk away so. Now, I wasn’t just thinking about money. I was thinking about manners and respect. Not only that, he was in a pretty well paid job, he knew I was a single mum and not earning nearly the amount of money he was. Obviously that’s not his problem, but morally, he should at least pay half, right? I paid for the food, as I had no choice but to. I couldn’t believe it. I spent the same amount of money that night as I would have spent on a weekly food shop for me and my child. He was well aware of my money situation before we met. He offered to give me a lift home. I thought, that’s the least he owes me. So I got in the car.