She was a knock out 1984’s george whorewell my spirit animal is ringworm shirt . Blonde and blue eyed, nicely dressed, and with a. I immediately zero’d in on her (no guy with a heart beating in him could do otherwise), and was so thankful for my proximity. After a few glances between each other, we began a conversation which quickly had mutually flirtatious interjections added to it. Soon, I moved closer and it became just us in conversation, somewhat to the exclusion of the others – except for periodic answers to their inane questions thrown our way to kiddingly point out the obvious, and who, themselves, were now engaged in conversation. We had rescued many dogs over his 15 years and he said we could do. I’m thinking the whole time, yeah but they were big dogs with little attitudes and you want to rescue a little dog with a big attitude. But being a sucker mom off we went to save a poor little dog in need. As I am pulling into the shelter’s driveway I see a man wrapping bailing twine around this big white dog’s neck and tying him in the back of his pickup. He had a piece of wood stuck in one of the pickup trucks side holes. I bring my my big SUV to a stop behind him and ask him what the heck he is doing?