New Fable 4 Release Window Target Revealed By Xbox Insider

New Fable 4 Release Window Target Revealed By Xbox Insider

New Fable 4 Release Window Target Revealed By Xbox Insider





Fable 4 (simply titled Fable) just got a fascinating release window update from an Xbox insider that should give Fable fans some insight on when exactly to expect the next Fable game.

The new Fable game, the first developed by UK studio Playground Games, was shown off yet again as a part of the Xbox 2024 Games Showcase, teasing a hilarious fantasy world and epic RPG systems.

However, the biggest news to come out of the update on the upcoming Xbox exclusive was a release window. The trailer ended simply teasing a “2025” release, adding to what is looking to be an already packed year for Xbox Game Studios.

Insider Teases Potential Fable 4 Release Window


New Fable 4 Release Window Target Revealed By Xbox Insider
New Fable 4 Release Window Target Revealed By Xbox Insider

Following the new Fable 4 trailer shown off at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, a known Xbox insider teased when the game may be released.

Writing in his Notepad newsletter mere days after Fable 4 received a nebulous 2025 release window, The Verge’s Tom Warren revealed he had heard more specific information about when Playground Games’ take on the Fable universe will hit store shelves.

According to Warren’s sources, Microsoft is targeting a late 2025 window for Fable 4, with a potential release coming sometime “between October and December 2025”:

“Fable’s developer, Playground Games, is best known for the ‘Forza Horizon’ series that always pushes the visual limits of the Xbox hardware, and it looks like it’s going to do the same here. Sources tell me Microsoft is currently targeting ‘Fable’ to release between October and December 2025, so it could still be another 18 months away.”

Warren did not specify where exactly in that three-month window the game is expected, but knowing it is being eyed for a late 2025 release could start to paint a picture of where the rest of Xbox’s upcoming lineup will fall.

Also announced at the Xbox Games Showcase were 2025 release dates for Compulsion Games’ South of Midnight and the newly announced Doom prequel, Doom: The Dark Ages.

If Fable is set to be Xbox Game Studios’ big fall title, then fans can likely expect both of these games to fall elsewhere on the 2025 calendar.

What seems to make the most sense would be one of these two hitting Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in the first six months of the year and the next coming somewhere between July and September. This would leave ample room for the holiday rush and the impending reported Fable 4 release date.

Warren also wrote the newly announced Gears of War E-Day was (at one point) also targeting a 2025 release and could have even beat Fable to market.

However, given that E-Day was announced with no release year attached, it seems  those plans may have shifted.

Fable 4 is expected to be released sometime in 2025 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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