Black Adam’s Sarah Shahi Teases Her DC Future

Black Adam’s Sarah Shahi Teases Her DC Future

Black Adam’s Sarah Shahi Teases Her DC Future




Black Adam has finally hit theaters worldwide, and fans are finally witnessing the introduction of Dwayne johnson’s anti-hero to the DCEU. However, he isn’t the only character introduced in the film. Another big player within the movie’s story is Sarah Shahi’s Adrianna.

In the comics, the character is a big deal for Kahndaq. Not only does she have superpowers, but she also ends up marrying Teth-Adam himself.

In the movie, none of that makes it into the final project. However, she does form a serious connection with the hot-headed anti-hero, showing that she has a strong influence over his actions and choices.

But, going forward, could fans see Sashi’s Adrianna get closer to her onscreen counterpart?

The Future of Adrianna in the DCEU

Black Adam’s Sarah Shahi Teases Her DC Future
Black Adam’s Sarah Shahi Teases Her DC Future


In an interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, actress Sarah Shahi spoke about what the future may hold for her newly introduced DCEU character, Adrianna.

In the comics, her character goes by another name (Isis), has superpowers, and becomes Black Adam’s wife. So, is that in the cards for Shahi’s future in the DC Universe?

The actress joked about how she would get the number for the outlet to call Warner Bros. to get her character to that point but added that “no discussions of that kind have happened:”

“I mean, well, first of all, I could only be so lucky, you know, that they would want me in that respect. Yeah, I mean, if you know anybody, if you can make a call, like I’ll get you a number… but yeah, no. No discussions of that kind have happened and stuff, but it would be a real honor to portray that character.”

Shahi then mentioned how her favorite element of Adrianna is how “she’s tough” and poses a fearlessness that is challenging to portray:

“You know one of my favorite elements about her is, yes, she’s tough and all those other things. But what I think is very interesting about playing a character that’s actually tough, you don’t the fearlessness of her, it’s to play the bravery, the courage that it takes to go into a dangerous situation because I think that’s real and she’s a single mother. I’m a single mom.”

She pointed out how the character basically became “the Black Adam whisperer” halfway through the movie, something that could easily evolve going forward:

“… also the aspect of her halfway through the movie, she’s almost like the Black Adam whisperer, she kind of gets him to do things, she speaks to him in a way that nobody else can really kind of speak to him in, just to see how that would work. Just to see more of that. What does that mean for the two of them.”

In the movie, Adrianna’s son is a big superhero fan. His bedroom is filled with all sorts of references to Aquaman, Flash, Superman, and more. But does he know about Zachary Levi’s Shazam?

According to Shahi, she believes he does. The actress has “a feeling he would probably know” since he’s so into superheroes:

“I’m gonna say yes. Because in the movie, Amon is a, as you just said, he’s a comic book lover. And you know, there’s definitely homages to all the different superheroes in his bedroom where the big fight happens and you see all the superheroes on the wall. So I have a feeling he would probably know.”

The Potential Queen of Kahndaq

Some might be worried about what the future of the DCEU has in store for the characters seen in Black Adam. After all, the reception has been lukewarm.

However, this project has the backing of Dwayne Johnson, an actor who seems to have enormous influence and sway. So, given how much he loves this character, it’s safe to assume that Warner Bros. will follow through on all the promises of a sequel.

With the continuation of Teth-Adam’s story, it’s only natural that Adrianna’s would grow and evolve as well. While there was no romance between her and the leading anti-hero in this first film, that could easily be touched upon going forward.

It also could be fairly straightforward to introduce the mysterious amulet that gives her powers in the comics. Maybe she’ll even help out Black Adam with his Superman problem.

As for the actress noting how she believes her character’s son would know about Zachary Levi’s Shazam, one would almost half hope that isn’t the case, seeing as how he makes no mention of him in the movie. So, him not connecting the dots would be strange, especially since saying “Shazam” plays a key part in Black Adam’s existence as well.

Black Adam is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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